Senior KG

Senior KG program, the curriculum incorporates a phonological method to enhance English language learning for both Tamil and English languages. The phonological approach focuses on teaching children the sounds of letters and letter combinations, aiding in the development of their reading and pronunciation skills.

For English Language Learning:

  1. Phonics Instruction: The program introduces systematic phonics instruction, helping Senior KG students understand the relationship between letters and their corresponding sounds in the English language. Phonics games, activities, and interactive exercises are integrated into the curriculum to make learning engaging and enjoyable.
  2. Reading Readiness: Senior KG students are exposed to age-appropriate reading materials that emphasize phonetic patterns. The curriculum includes phonics-based stories and books to encourage students to practice their newfound reading skills, enhancing both vocabulary and comprehension.

For Tamil Language Learning:

  1. Tamil Phonics: Similar to the English language, the Tamil language component of the curriculum incorporates a phonological approach. Students learn the sounds of Tamil letters and how they combine to form words.
  2. Tamil Reading Practice: The program includes Tamil language materials that focus on phonetic patterns and age-appropriate reading materials. This encourages students to apply their phonological knowledge in reading Tamil words and sentences.

By incorporating a phonological method for both English and Tamil languages, NANA Global Pre School aims to provide a strong foundation in language skills, enabling Senior KG students to confidently navigate the complexities of reading and pronunciation in both languages. The interactive and engaging nature of these phonics-based activities fosters a positive learning environment, making language acquisition an enjoyable experience for the students.

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