Junior KG

Junior KG (Junior Kindergarten) program is thoughtfully designed for children aged 4 to 5 years, representing a pivotal stage in their early education journey. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on holistic development, blending academic and social skills in a nurturing environment.

English Language Learning:

  1. Phonological Approach: In our Junior KG program, we introduce a comprehensive phonological method for English language learning. This includes the teaching of phonics sounds, allowing children to understand the relationship between letters and their corresponding sounds in the English language.
  2. Blending of Sounds: Junior KG students engage in activities that involve blending sounds, a crucial skill for reading readiness. Through interactive games and exercises, children learn to combine individual phonetic sounds, laying the groundwork for proficient reading.

Tamil Language Learning:

  1. Introduction of Phonological Sounds: Similarly, the Junior KG program incorporates a phonological approach for Tamil language learning. Students are introduced to the sounds of Tamil letters and the fundamental principles of forming words.
  2. Blending of Sounds in Tamil: The curriculum includes activities that focus on blending sounds in Tamil, enhancing students’ ability to read and understand words in their native language. This dual emphasis on English and Tamil phonological sounds ensures a well-rounded language foundation.

Our educators at NANA Global Pre School work closely with Junior KG students, fostering an environment where curiosity is encouraged, and learning is enjoyable. The introduction of phonological sounds and blending techniques in both English and Tamil languages aims to enhance language acquisition skills, ensuring that children are well-prepared for the next stages of their educational journey. Through interactive and engaging methods, we strive to make language learning a positive and exciting experience for our Junior KG students.